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Learning French (efficiently) 🇫🇷

📅 2022-05-14

314 days ago

🕑 5 min read

With this document, I plan to record my progress in learning French. I began my studies sometime in July on 2021. My purpose and motivation of learning is to achieve a minimum level of B2 proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Currently Reading: Harry Potter et le Prisonnier d’Azkaban

Last Watched: Dix pour cent (Call My Agent!)

10 Month Update:

Anki Screenshot
New streak!
Pokemon Arceus in French
I’m being forced into reading a LOT of French.
French Newsletters
Perhaps a bit too much…

5 Month Update:

Broke my 62 day streak. Back at it now.

3 Month Update:


Need a lot of work on using the correct tense, as well as keeping in mind the 16 être verbs.

Current Study Plan

Potential Improvements