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My interests include:

  • Software engineering with focus on scalability, efficiency and availability.
  • Chasing millisecond improvements and reading an unhealthy amount of flamegraphs. I also find immense joy in competitive programming with functional languages.
  • Tinkering with embedded systems and automating everything.
  • Nerding out over mechanical keyboards | watches.

You can usually find me on IRC under the nick @obviyus on DarkScience, Libera.Chat and Telegram or reach out on hi @ this domain.


Apart from the executive summary above, I love tinkering and building things. The majority of the code I write is written in Typescript, Python, Go and Rust (with the occasional Lisp dialect sprinkled in). A few things I've built are:

There are a quite a few other untitled, orphaned projects that never reached completion. Which may someday, see the light of day :D

This website is my garden. Much like myself, it's a constant work in progress.