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The 2021 retrospective
Friday, December 31, 2021; ago; Download .md

mon ciel préféré de 2021
mon ciel préféré de 2021

I’m in my final year (and semester) of university now. I’ve accepted an offer to work for a startup in Bangalore and I’ll be moving there soon.

In 2021, among many other things I:

  • Started learning French seriously
  • Joined IRC (shout out to DarkScience)
  • Became the creator of #f1 on Libera.Chat
  • Met some fantastic folks from Telegram
  • Interviewed 7 times
  • Worked in an office (albeit only for a week)
  • Wrote 4 blog posts
  • Learned SO much
  • Accepted some hard truths about relationships
  • Realized I have a fantastic circle of friends

2021 will probably be the most impactful year of my life. My theme for 2022 will be “The Year of Less”. I’m excited to move out, meet new people and build something incredible.